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Beacon ADC Monthly Digests

The monthly digest is part of the subscription package for Beacon users. Please see a sample below of 2015 digests to give you a flavor of what you can expect.

Please note that although the digest will provide you with a fantastic overview of updates in the ADC field, the links you’ll see direct to pages within the database. Only Beacon subscribers have access. If you would like access to the database, request a demo to discuss how your company can purchase a subscription and gain login access.

  • August 15 TN

    August 2015 Monthly digest

    This month’s digest provides you with a complete picture of all the ADCs in current clinical development. It was inspired by a request for more information from one of our users, and we felt it would be of general interest to the ADC community.

    In brief:

    1. SC-002, a new compound from Stem CentRx has just entered clinical trials
    2. We now have 53 different drugs in the ADC pipeline
    3. Print function has been activated on all the trials
    4. The website address for access to beacon has changed http://app.worldadc-beacon.com

    Read August’s digest in full

    This month we’ve been working hard on a review of the reported toxicities of ADCs. This is the first in our series of Beacon Perspectives, which is exclusive to Beacon users and is available as a separate attachment.

  • July 15 tn

    July 2015 Monthly Digest

    Welcome to the 3rd World ADC Trials Intelligence Monthly Digest.

    We’ve been working hard this month to ensure that all the new data from the ASCO abstracts are added to Beacon and where possible we’ve linked the poster presentations.

    Read July’s Digest in Full

    As promised, this month’s digest focuses on the ASCO Annual Meeting, 2015.

    New Clinical Trials for June

    New compounds that have recently initiated their first phase I trials and have been added to Beacon:

    • ABBV-838 – an ADC from AbbVie for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

    Interestingly, the most encouraging ADC results from this year’s ASCO come from ADCs targeting solid tumours. This may reflect the clinical progression of a new generation of ADCs utilising superior targets; or better identification of the patients likely to show clinical benefit.
    In this digest, I go through the different disease indications and present the novel data from ASCO.

  • June 15 TN

    June 2015 Monthly Digest

    Welcome to the 2nd World ADC Trials Intelligence Monthly Digest.

    I have decided to send out June’s digest a little early so that you can read it on the plane to ASCO.

    Read June’s Digest in Full

    In Brief:

    • ADCT-301, a CD25 targeting ADC from ADC Therapeutics utilising PBD payload and HuMax technology.
    • PCA062, a p-Cadherin targeting ADC from
    • We were interested to see the re-introduction of ImmunoGen’s IMGN-901 into clinical trials with two new phase II trials added this month, for leukemia and childhood cancers.

    In addition we have been adding a significant number of immunotoxins, including denileukin diftitox(ONTAK®), Moxetumomab pasudotox, LMB-2, naptumomab estafenatox, VB4-845, D2C7-IT and SS1P.

  • May 15 TN

    May 2015 Monthly Digest


    Three new compounds have recently initiated their first phase I trials and have been added to database:

    • BMS986148, a mesothelin targeting ADC from Bristol Myers Squibb (NCT02341625)
    • BAY1187982, an FGFR2 targeting ADC from Bayer (NCT02368951)
    • MT-3724, a CD20 targeting immunotoxin with a Shiga-like toxin A payload from Molecular Templates(NCT02361346)

    In addition, we have been adding trials of the small molecule drug conjugates from Endocyte  and the immunotoxins: DT2219, naptotumomab estafenatox, Viventia.

  • September 15 thumbnail

    September 2015 Monthly Digest

    This is the first in our series of Beacon Perspectives, which are exclusively available to Beacon users. They will be published approximately twice a year and will provide more in depth analysis of hot topics for ADCs.

    In brief:

    1. ARX788, a HER2 targeting ADC from Ambrx.
    2. LY3076226, Eli Lilly’s fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 targeting ADC