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Your subscription includes:

  • Real time access to data and results from every ADC specific clinical trial
    • All clinical stage ADCS including active and discontinued drugs, allowing you to compare failed and novel ADCs
  • Up to 84 data points and commentary per trial, tabulated and easy to find, including
    • Study design
    • Patient demographics
    • Drug dosing
    • Toxicity
    • Pharmacokinetic data
    • Patient responses
  • Comprehensive and specific trial information
    • Our analysts curate the data to ensure they are standardized, relevant and specific
    • Direct links to source material
  • Personalization options
    • Set up alerts to your inbox – never miss an important development
    • ADC-specific search functionality – find what you need, fast
    • Keyword/advanced searches with free text and relational logic – allowing you to tailor the search to your requirements
  • Expert Analysis
    • Monthly digests – these are provided exclusively for subscribers summarizing the latest developments and providing insight on emerging trends and hot topics.
    • Beacon Perspectives – Exclusive subscriber white papers, produced twice a year and summarizing key trends and developments across the landscape
    • Ask an Analyst – use our expertise to enhance your performance – from clarifications and refinements to research requests – our sector-specific analysts can help