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About Beacon

Can you keep up with market developments?

  • The number of active clinical stage ADCs is growing at a rate of more than 10% per year. That means more data from a wider range of sources.
  • The market is maturing. An increasing number of Phase 2 and 3 trials are now yielding results. That means more result-orientated data of higher significance than ever before.

What does the data mean?

  • Are you able to bring together all of the relevant data you need quickly and effectively to identify the trends that matter?
  • Is your interpretation in line with that of your peers? If not, have you spotted something new or have your missed something?

Can Beacon ADC help?

  • Keep up to date with ease: Beacon ADC is a continually updated database of every drug that has been trialled in the clinic. We clarify, validate and standardize every data point to make sure that you can find what you need in and make sense of it in seconds.
  • Challenge your thinking. Our monthly analysis is curated by using our unique, proprietary data and by surveying key opinion leaders.

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